Stroll and stripes

Suns out in February - Sunglasses out in February. 

six months

six months berlin. six months now that I can call this grey but still beautiful city my home.

concerts, parties, movies. 

safe place. quality time with my family.


festival memories with my loved ones.

being the luckiest human to have one of my best friends joining me.



food marathon

Definitely a must.

Best. Desert. Ever.

One of my fav Vietnamese places.

Breakfast with a view + evening chills at Holzmarkt25.


one hour drive - complete new world.

Passau times

If there's one city I fell in love with, it would probably be this one. For so many reasons. Doesn't matter which season's on - it stays magical in its own way.

Berlin stroll

Evening stroll in Berlin.

When in Rome

Spent a few days in Rome with this lover - my grandpa.

dining room details

This is our dining room, well, since our whole appartment consists of one room it"s more like an dining area. But we love it. As you may have noticed we tried to keep the details in a red colour. (one red chair, red oriental rug, red cabel etc,).. Maybe have a colourchange in a few years? We'll see.


Happy sunday. 



#2 has arrived. Main difference? Recycling. My grandma decided to donate this old beauty to the dump. Luckily it did not take too much time to sell my idea to her. Different bar, leather saddle, removing a lot uncessesary items (yes including rear brake, light, carrier), and 5 hours scrubbing with sandpaper. Took some time, but totally worth it. Well.. probably Sina takes this with her to Amsterdam. At least it will be shining in front of a bigger audience, hehe. Shoutout to Annie B!


it's all about the details - our apartment  

As you might have seen - we love plants, especially cacti, cactuses, whatever. We tried to keep it as simple as it could, because minimalism is so styleful. Less is more, isn"t it. So this is just one part of our apartment. More to come. 


Love M&G


the cap

Okay. How many times did I say to myself 'no sina, you will resist this one and not swim with the stream' - but obviously I couldn't. Especially if you have a bad hair day, and I got more of these than I got it the other way round, it's the perfect solution (next to dryshampoo ofc, haha). 




about M's new acquisition

Ohhhh we had a lot of discussions about that. He wanted it so darn much. I didn't. I don't think it matches the rest of our interior design. Also I didn't like the idea of having a bike hanging on the wall if none of us even likes riding it, haha. Buttt we have two posters of buildings in New York as well, and have we ever been there?! I wish. And since life always is about making compromises, he got his bike. He went to the bike store in town and got it made by them. Now its hanging there for a while and i have to say that i get used to it and even start liking it. At least there is one good thing about it.


The bottle of wine.


our roadtrip on instagram

in the summervacation we planned on doing a roadtrip through italy, so we did. Starting in Germany we headed to Austria first, having a short stay in Innsbruck (pic 2, 3). After staying in the mountains for a couple of days we continued our trip to the lago di garda and Verona! lovely place but way too much tourism (pic 5). Florence was the next stop and we totally can recommend this city. Like a small rome, so many beautiful buildings hidden behind every corner. And so much history (pic 4, 7, 8). Last stop was Cinque terre (pic 1, 6, 12), for this adventure you better bring your hiking shoes, Rough sea, beautiful litle cities. More of that please. We went on a roadtrip last year as well, through France. So whats next