Passau times

When 3 rivers collide. Last summer I spent a few weeks at my friends place in Passau and even though I knew nearly every face of every single person in that small town (which is the complete opposite here in Berlin) I just felt free and happy. These small streets and pastels colored houses create an incomparable atmosphere reminding me of a small mediterraan town, except for the food - typical Bavarian food - which I L-O-V-E. 

I know. There is hardly a place on earth that's not nice during spring-time. But still take a second to appreciate this cherry blossom. Well the cake at Cafe Aran should also be mentioned. Delicious.  

Next to drinking beer and eating tons typical Bavarian dishes (translated: meat) I took the chance to explore the cathedral of Passau and I guess the picture says it all. 

Peaceful evening walks and unrecognizable sunsets - these ones are guaranteed.

Narrow streets and water all over this place.

If there's one city I fell in love with, it would probably be this one. For so many reasons. Doesn't matter which season's on - it stays magical in its own way.