How should I/ can I/ do I have to start on this topic?! I normally don't talk and think too much about equality because I never got discriminated regarding whatsoever, but since last weekend was Christopher Street Weekend in Berlin, I guess I have to and want to.


I'm not going to write a novel because in my opinion there is only one right way to put it:

love is for everyone.


I grew up in a small town not being confronted with this topic at all. However, when I came to visit my aunt living in Berlin for the first time I have to admit that I was shocked. She asked me to join her to a 'party' at a friend's gallery. The 16 year old me obviously was super excited and ready to make some memories in one of the coolest cities on this planet. When we entered the place I didn't know what I was experiencing. I started to feel uncomfortable immediately. I was surrounded by my auntie's gay friends and (even more intimidating) transvestites and didn't really know how to deal with this.


Now, 8 years later, I'm living in Berlin, celebrating love with these particular friends on Christopher Street Day the second time in a row. Now, 8 years later, I finally understand that the concept of love doesn't have and shouldn't have any restrictions. Seeing so many people with the same mindset and being able to share this with my family and friends makes me both: happy and most of all thankful.  

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